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DNA QLD Provide the Following Services:

  • Paternity testing for legal reasons which include the Family Law Court of Australia, Child Support Agency payments, changes to birth certificates, estate issues and other legal reasons
  • Parentage testing for Immigration and Visas
  • Paternity testing for your own personal information not involving legal reasons
  • Prenatal Testing to confirm paternity
  • Personal DNA profiles to add to your legal will
  • Personal DNA profiles for clients travelling overseas or those employed in hazardous situations, such as security companies in Iraq
  • DNA testing for private investigation agencies

Why use DNA QLD?

  • Offering quality world-class testing and client care
  • Focused solely on parentage testing and genotyping, unlike some other parentage testing facilities
  • Fastest processing time in Australia at no extra charge to you
  • Highest National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation
  • The latest international testing procedures in line with the top testing facilities worldwide. DNA QLD is accredited to the Internationally Forensic Standard of ISO IEC 17025:2005 for Parentage testing (18.20.01 DNA Typing PCR)
  • Proven capability to facilitate testing for clients located in any state of Australia and in international locations such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Singapore, Africa, and PNG
  • DNA capillary sequencing technology for all samples
  • Testing for all Australians
  • Accredited counsellor referral if requested
  • Nominated laboratory for Australian Clinical Laboratories in Australasia
  • A personalised service as a scientist handles your case and communicates with you through the entire case from the initial contact, to arranging the sample collection to an explanation of the results
  • DNA QLD offers confidentiality, compassion and care to our clients

Information for Medical Practitioners

You may be approached by patients requesting a paternity test. Paternity testing does not require a referral and patients can be directed to contact DNA QLD directly to facilitate the paternity test. DNA is collected via a buccal swab and collections can be facilitated with our alliance with over 400 pathology collection centres in Australia and at International locations.

DNA testing is often a very emotive issue. From the perspective of a medical practitioner, it is sometimes very difficult where you may actively be involved in the care and management of members from both sides of the family. With this in mind we often suggest that medical practitioners allow us to implement the testing and delivering of any results. This means that confidential results will only then be held by the patient and will not be stored at any other site. It also means that doctors continue the therapeutic relationship with both sides of the family as they are neither in the loop of the testing, nor are they responsible for the delivery of any results. DNA QLD respects the confidentiality of all information associated with paternity testing. Confidential or identifying information will not be given to any individual other than the individual being tested. DNA QLD abides by the Privacy Act 1988.

Whilst there may be certain circumstances where you believe that it may be in the family’s best interest for you to be involved in this process, it is certainly one we would like to discuss with you beforehand so we can be clear as to the process, particularly with respect to the reporting of results. As an addition, it must be remembered that consultations regarding paternity testing do not attract a Medicare or a Private Health Insurance rebate. DNA QLD is able to determine paternity from prenatal samples from CVS (at 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy) or amniocentesis (from 16 to 18 or at some ultrasound clinics up to 35 weeks of pregnancy) sampling. Please contact DNA QLD to inquire about this procedure.

Medical practitioners may be approached to collect samples for clients undertaking a legal paternity test. The client will supply a sealed collection kit which includes a checklist which outlines the steps for sample collection, an information sheet on how to collect the sample, and an Australia Post Satchel for the return of the swabs and completed forms to DNA QLD.  If you have any questions regarding the nature of paternity testing or swab collection, please, of course, do not hesitate in contacting us on 1300 172 837. Please contact our office if you would like information brochures on paternity testing forwarded to your practice.


DNA Testing swab for Personal DNA profiles      Non-invasive pre-natal blood test      Paternity testing for legal reasons using hair drug test

Information for Legal Practitioners

DNA QLD can organise the testing for your clients. We will contact the clients, organise the legal affidavits, facilitate the DNA collection with access to over 400 pathology centres in Australasia, process the DNA samples within 48 hours, express post or fax the results to your office. We can provide updates on the progress of each case. We have a collection room in the CBD in Brisbane and we can have the samples available the day after collection. We do not charge for this fast processing, compared to other companies which charge a premium for this service.

At DNA QLD we offer two categories of paternity testing. One of these is called “Peace of Mind” testing (non-legal). Through this process, participants in the process forward to us a DNA sample (buccal or mouth swab) which they have provided to us in good faith. With this form of testing, there is no requirement for identity checking to occur. This can be done as a home DNA collection.

For any clients requiring testing for Family Court cases, Child Support disputes or changes to Birth Certificates, a Legal paternity test is necessary. Legal testing requires a more complex collection process to maintain a ‘chain of custody’ and the process is more extensive in its paperwork and its requirements with respect to specimen collection and confirming identification. The laboratory procedures and results are to Australian NATA standards which require the DNA collection to be undertaken by an authorised collector, and a legal affidavit to confirm the client’s identity. It is not possible to undertake “Peace of Mind” testing and then to upgrade to Legal testing. DNA QLD is able to coordinate the collection process for your clients.

We appreciate the complexities of family dynamics and the unusual circumstances which may arise with respect to specimen collection. Our trained staff are able to advise you on special or specific requirements regarding particular circumstances. DNA QLD respects the confidentiality of all information associated with paternity testing. Confidential or identifying information will not be given to any individual other than the individual being tested. DNA QLD abides by the Privacy Act 1988. If there are any questions regarding the process please do not hesitate in contacting us on 1300 172 837.


Information for Child Safety Officers

Information and application forms for the peace of mind and the Legal testing is accessible in the Applications section. For most Child Safety cases, Legal testing for Family Court matters is most often required. Legal testing requires the maternal DNA to be collected as part of the Family Law requirements. However, in Child Safety cases this is not always possible due to non-compliance with testing or the loss of contact with the mother. In such instances, a Case Manager may decide that reasonable attempts have been made to obtain the maternal DNA and the testing may proceed without the maternal DNA. This is documented in the paternity report.

In many Child Safety cases, the child or children may in the custody of a carer or guardian. In these cases, DNA QLD requires a phone contact for the carer so we can discuss the DNA collection for the child and coordinate the DNA collection.

Legal paternity cases require for the documentation 2 passport-sized photographs of each person being tested. In some cases, clients have protested that they do not have sufficient funds to pay for these photographs, and in such cases we refer these clients back to their case manager for consultation.

Once all the DNA samples have been received and processed, three certified copies of the results will be mailed by Express post to the case manager. DNA QLD prefers the case manager to inform the alleged father and mother of the results in order to avoid any conflict which may arise from these results.

DNA QLD scientists are available on 1300 172 827  at any hour to discuss a case or the logistics of a DNA collection.

Department of Child Safety Test – Download Form or Purchase Test


Information for Births, Deaths and Marriages, Immigration and Government Departments

Changes, additions and deletions to birth certificates require a Legal DNA test. Application forms and the procedures for a Legal test can be downloaded from the Applications Section. The DNA report from DNA QLD can be submitted to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Department in the relevant state authority to facilitate changes to the client’s birth certificate.


Information for Deceased or Coronial cases

DNA QLD can facilitate testing on forensic samples to establish parentage. For Queensland residents refer to the State Courts website  , or contact DNA QLD or your lawyer. Residents of other states will need to consult your State Coroner’s office. Once the State Coroner has given permission for the release of an autopsy sample, DNA QLD will coordinate the collection and transport of the sample to our Brisbane laboratory.


More Information

To find out more information about DNAQ and the services we provide, download our PDF brochure.