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Personal DNA Testing

Why Would I Need a DNA Profile?

Please note: Personal DNA profiles are used for profiling purposes only, and DO NOT provide information related to other areas such as ancestry or health.

A Personal DNA profile offers a distinctive and individualized means of genetic identification. Unlike conventional identification documents like passports, your DNA profile is immune to forgery and is entirely unique to you, except in the instance of identical twins.

In reality, DNA profiling is more intricate and less straightforward than it appears on television crime dramas and in movies. The retrieval of DNA from sources like old toothbrushes or hair strands found in hairbrushes tend to yield unreliable results due to the degradation or contamination of samples.

Moreover, it is challenging to confirm the identity of the person from whom the sample originates. Dental records, while sometimes sought after for identification purposes, are not as precise or dependable as a DNA profile.

If you are planning to travel to remote or dangerous regions or embark on a hazardous occupation, obtaining a personal DNA profile could be a prudent decision prior to your journey or commencement of work. DNAQ can provide profiling services for individuals engaged in risky professions, including:

  • Military personnel;
  • Security services in areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq;
  • Non-Government Organisation (NGO) workers;
  • Oil rig employees;
  • Emergency services, such as firefighters or police officers

In the unfortunate event of an accident or disaster, maintaining a recorded DNA profile can be invaluable for ascertaining an individual’s involvement. We prepare our DNA profiles according to ISO 17025 International Standards, the same standard employed by forensic laboratories worldwide. This means that, should an incident occur, your profile can be sent to any forensic laboratory for verification. A personal DNA profile significantly aids in identification following natural disasters or in cases of violent crimes, substantially lessening the burden on your family when determining your presence or involvement at a disaster site.

Furthermore, a Personal DNA profile has legal applications and can be incorporated into your will, especially in anticipation of potential future claims on your estate.

Non-Legal DNA Profile Collection Process

For a non-legal DNA profile, the sample can be collected by the person to be profiled at home, themselves, via a simple and painless mouth swab. Once we receive your application and payment, DNAQ will mail a collection kit to your nominated address. The kit will contain everything you need to collect the samples, along with clear instructions on how to do so. For non-legal tests, samples can be collected by the tested individuals themselves, from at home. We use mouth swabs for an easy and painless collection process, by simply rubbing the swab on the inside of your cheek and pressing the swab onto the included Pink DNA preservation card.

Due to this collection method, a non-legal DNA profile will not be admissible in a court of law and are for peace of mind purposes only.

Legal DNA Profile Collection Process

For a Legal DNA Profile, the sample must be collected using our Legal Chain of Custody Collection Process. This ensures the results will be legally admissible and your Personal DNA profile can be added to your legal will in the event of any possible future claims on your estate from individuals claiming to be descendants.

We will send a security sealed DNA kit to the address provided upon application. Please do not open your DNA kit. You must obtain 2 identical passport style photos and also provide valid ID at the time of sample collection. There is paperwork that will be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and on the same day, the sample will need to be collected by a third party, such as a doctor or pathology nurse. Click here to read more about our legal collection process.

Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment for collection at our Brisbane clinic for an additional fee of $65 per person. We will arrange for a Justice of the Peace to be present to witness your paperwork and collect your DNA sample at the one appointment. Please note that appointments are subject to the availability of our Justice of the Peace. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please note: Personal DNA profiles are used for profiling purposes only, and DO NOT provide information related to other areas such as ancestry or health.



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