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Maternity Testing

What is a Maternity Test used for?

DNA testing can be used to confirm a range of relationships, including whether an alleged mother is the biological mother of her child or children.

In the majority of cases, the biological mother of a child is confirmed at birth. However, this may not always be possible and in some cases, mothers may wish to seek confirmation that they are in fact the biological mother of their children. Reasons people may wish to have a Maternity Test done include:

  • If a child has been born through surrogacy, testing can confirm that the donor is the biological mother of the child and not the surrogate
  • Women undertaking IVF may want to confirm their child was conceived with their embryo
  • Children who were given up for adoption and have since reunited with their biological mother may wish to seek confirmation that person is in fact their biological parent
  • In the case of a suspected hospital mix up, a maternity test can confirm the child they have left the hospital with is their child.

What type of testing is available?

Both non-legal and legal Maternity testing options are available. Both the Legal DNA Test and Non-legal (Home) DNA Tests are conducted using the same methods in the laboratory, and will both provide accurate results. The main difference between the two tests is how the samples are collected.

For a Legal Maternity Test, a Chain of Custody must be established to verify the identity of the person that the sample was collected from and ensure that the samples are not tampered with at any stage during the collection process. The samples must be collected by an independent third party, usually a doctor or pathology nurse.

By establishing a Chain of Custody, the DNA sample is documented and accounted for during the entire DNA testing process. This allows for the results from the Legal Paternity DNA Test to be legally admissible. If you require testing for purposes such as changing a birth certificate, for Immigration or Family Court matters, such as those involving child support or child custody, you will require a Legal DNA Test.

Non-Legal DNA Tests (also known as a Home or Peace of Mind DNA Test) are used for peace of mind or reassurance purposes only. The results cannot be used for legal purposes. The individuals being tested do not need to provide any proof of identity or have the collection overseen and can collect the sample themselves at home. Therefore we cannot legally verify that the sample has been obtained from that person.

Because the sample collection procedure is different, a Non-Legal DNA Test cannot be upgraded to a Legal DNA test. Therefore, it is important that prior to purchasing your paternity DNA test that you are aware of which type of test is required for your situation. If you are unsure of which DNA test you need, please contact us on 1300 172 837 to discuss the particular needs of your case.

Collecting Your DNA Sample

For non-legal maternity DNA tests, samples can be collected by the individuals to be tested themselves at home. We use mouth swabs, to simply and painlessly collect a DNA sample from the inside of your cheek. For DNA testing, we require a sample from the alleged mother and the child.

Upon receiving your application and payment, DNAQ will send a collection kit to your nominated address. This kit will contain everything you need to collect the samples, along with clear instructions on how to do so. Once the samples have been collected, they are then returned to us in the supplied return envelope.

For a Legal Maternity Test, we will mail a sealed collection kit to all parties being tested, which contains instructions for the client, Justice of the Peace and Collector (such as your GP or a Pathology Collector). Alternatively, we also offer in-house collections at our Brisbane laboratory for an additional fee. Read more about our Legal DNA Collection process here.


Results are typically available within 5 working days from when we receive your samples at our laboratory. Results will only be sent to the parties being tested (or their legal guardian), to the email addresses provided at time of sample collection. A hard copy of your results can also be arranged for an additional fee.



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