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Immigration DNA Testing

DNAQ is an accredited NATA laboratory, approved by the Department of Home Affairs to undertake the DNA testing for Australia Visa and Citizenship purposes. We can organise the collection for family members in Australia, and also for family members living overseas.

Your immigration case must be handled from start to finish by a NATA accredited laboratory. Unaccredited DNA collection and chain of custody procedures are not accepted by the Department of Home Affairs, beware of brokers and re-sellers posing as accredited laboratories.

Application & Payment

Immigration testing requested by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is priced from $395 if all persons to be tested are in Australia, and from $795 if individuals are located overseas. Please note we require payment prior to starting testing.

To begin the process, you will need to complete and submit our application form or complete our online application. We also require a copy of your Letter of Offer or Invitation to Undertake DNA Testing from the Department of immigration, so please ensure you also include a copy with your application.

If you are unsure of what testing you require, please contact us to discuss your case.

DNA Collection Process for Clients In Australia

For clients in Australia, we will send a security sealed DNA kit for each person to the addresses provided upon application. Please do not open your DNA kit – It has been security sealed and must only be opened by the doctor or pathology collector. You must obtain 2 identical passport style photos of each person being tested; one will be attached to Form 2 the other to Form 4 which is sealed inside the kit. You will need to have the Form 2 witnessed by a Justice of the Peace and your sample collected by a doctor or pathology collector on the same day. Read more about our Legal DNA Collection process here.

Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment for collection at our Brisbane clinic for an additional fee of $75 per person. We will arrange for a Justice of the Peace to be present to witness your paperwork and collect your DNA sample at the one appointment. Please note that appointments are subject to the availability of our Justice of the Peace. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

DNA Collection Process for Clients Outside of Australia

For clients currently located overseas, the collection must be facilitated by the Department of Immigration. Once we have received your application, we will contact the Department of Immigration, who will advise where the DNA testing kit should be sent. This is usually the closest Australia Embassy or Consulate to where the clients currently reside, or an approved Department of Immigration Panel Doctor. This place of collection is also typically outlined in the Letter of Offer you receive from the Department. The kit will be sent via DHL Express Couriers, and we will provide you with a tracking number.

Once the Australia Embassy or Consulate receives the testing kit, they will contact the client to arrange their collection appointment. Please note that these appointments are arranged by the Department of Immigration and are subject to the availability of the Department, and Departmental witnesses required to be present for the collection. We will assist where possible, however we are not able to facilitate collections for overseas clients.

Once the sample has been collected, it will then be returned to our laboratory in Brisbane, via DHL Express Couriers. A prepaid return shipping envelope is included with the DNA kit.


Once all samples are received back at our laboratory, results are typically ready within 5 working days. Each party tested will receive a copy of their results. We will also send a copy of the results directly to the Department of Immigration.

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