Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test  – Blood Test

Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is used to perform paternity testing that relies on fetal genetic information via sequencing and analysis of cell-free fetal DNA which is extracted from maternal blood.  This ONLY requires blood taken from the mother, which is much safer for both mother and child.  Testing can be performed from 7 weeks gestational age. This test is the most accurate on the market as it tests for more than 5000 test markers and has a self-reported accuracy of >99.9999999%

We are able to test more than one Alleged Father for an additional cost of $850 per person.

In the majority of cases, the fee covers blood collection for both Mother and Alleged Father.            DNA Queensland Prenatal Paternity Testing

There are some cases in which the test is not suitable for example, patients carrying twins, organ transplant, stem cell and bone marrow recipients or patients who have had a previous blood transfusion in the past 2 years.

Paternity testing on prenatal samples is for “peace of mind” and is not admissible in the Family Law Court of Australia.

Cost – $1395 (1x Mother and 1x Alleged Father)

Results are available within 10-15 working days.

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Please refer to our FAQs or contact DNAQ for more information on this service.

DNAQ – Prenatal Baby Bundle

In addition to checking the paternity of your unborn child we can also check for any chromosomal abnormalities (NIPS – see below) and reveal the gender of your unborn child from as early as 10 weeks!

Receive all 3 tests for just $1650:

  1. Prenatal Paternity Testing
  2. Chromosomal Abnormalities Testing
  3. Baby Gender Testing

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Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

We are able to perform Non-invasive prenatal screening for mothers wishing to determine risk of having a child with Trisomy 21, 18 or 13 as well as other abnormalities.  For more information on this screen please contact us at DNAQ or visit our website for more information.  A referral from your Doctor is required.


Inherited Disease Screen

This test is particularly useful for couples that are thinking of conceiving and would like to check if there genetic incompatibility that may lead to future child being born with a disability.  As this is a screening test, if any abnormality is identified further testing may be required to determine the exact risk to the future pregnancy. For more information on this screen and other genetic tests please visit or call us on 1300 172 837.

Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing – Amniocentesis and CVS

When can you have a prenatal test?

Some women may wish to confirm the paternity of a child before it is born. Some women may have had multiple partners in the month of conception and want to know the father of the child before the child is born or want to make decisions about their personal relationships.

DNAQ is able to process samples from Ultrasound facilities throughout Australia and Asia.  Clients are required to contact DNAQ for an application form prior to their procedure.There is always a slight risk of miscarrying an otherwise healthy pregnancy with either of these procedures, and DNAQ will discuss these risks with you or you can ask your family doctor for information on prenatal testing.

We are able to confirm or exclude paternity from DNA which is extracted from either CVS or amniotic fluid, when accompanied by a buccal swab from the mother and alleged father.

This testing can exclude or include paternity to 99.9999% accuracy.  Samples for CVS testing are taken at between 12 and 14 weeks gestation.  Most clinics will collect amniocytes at 16 to 18 weeks gestation; however one Brisbane Fetal Ultrasound centre will collect amniocytes into the latter stages of pregnancy.

Clients are informed that prenatal testing carries a risk of miscarriage of an otherwise healthy pregnancy.  We advise that the published risk rate of miscarrying an otherwise healthy pregnancy after CVS is 1% (i.e. 1 in 100 pregnancies) and after amniocentesis 0.5% (i.e. 1 in 200 pregnancies).  Clients will be asked to sign an informed consent confirming this understanding.  DNAQ can provide a paternity result within 5 -10working days, and urgent requests will be processed as expediently as possible.

Paternity testing on prenatal samples is for “peace of mind” and is not admissible in the Family Law Court of Australia.  The cost of testing starts at $900.00.  For samples requiring courier delivery to Brisbane, please contact out Brisbane office for costing of that service.  A collection fee will apply for some clinics in the Brisbane area.  In the Brisbane Metropolitan area, samples can be collected by DNAQ staff and for other clinics by a designated courier service.

Please contact DNAQ for more information on this service.