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 DNAQ Collection Clinics & Partners

For all testing where the DNA samples collection must be collected by a third party, such as a doctor or pathology nurse, we recommend clients first contact their regular doctor or GP to see if they can assist with collection.

If you are having trouble finding someone to take your samples, please see our list of preferred Collection Clinics below, or contact us and we can assist you with finding a collector in your area.


    • DNAQ – We provide both legal and non-legal collections at our laboratory located in Brisbane, Queensland. Please contact us regarding costs and to book a collection appointment.
    • Medlab Pathology – view a map of all Queensland collection centre locations.
    • QML– view a map of all Queensland collection centre locations.

New South Wales

    • Medlab Pathology – view a map of all NSW collection centre locations.

Victoria & South Australia

    • Australian Clinical Laboratories – view a map of all Australian Clinical Laboratories collection centre locations.

Gribbles Pathology

    • For DNA collections in Malaysia and surrounding regions call +603 78417752  or email [email protected]
    • For DNA collections in Singapore call +65 62755501