Surrogacy Testing

DNA testing for clients using Gestational Surrogacy clinics.

DNA QLD has NATA accreditation and is approved by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to undertake this testing for Australian citizens. Some Australians are unaware of these requirements before they undertake surrogacy agreements. Australian Citizenship by descent visas applicants  need to undertake a DNA parentage test to prove a biological relationship between the Australian citizen and the child/children born through surrogacy.

Under Australian law, children born through surrogacy programs are required to undertake a DNA parentage test between the biological father or the biological mother to show a genetic link. A  genetic link must be proved before an Australian visa can be issued for the child to return to Australia.

Citizens are required to contact the DIAC to lodge an application for registration of your child as an Australian by descent. Please view the Form 1259i information form . Once a case file number has been issued, collection of DNA samples needs to be undertaken in Australia for one of the biological parents, usually the father. DNA QLD organises the DNA sampling in Australia and then the DNA is stored until the child/children’s samples are received. A DNA sampling kit is sent by DHL Express courier service to one of the panel doctors nominated by the DIAC. The panel doctor collects the baby’s samples and these are sent to our Brisbane laboratory by DHL Express courier service. DNA processing is undertaken within 5-10 working days and then the results are sent to the Australian Embassy where the application was lodged and the applicant. DNA QLD aims to send the reports as soon as possible, as we understand Australian’s wish to obtain their visas as soon as possible.

Please ensure that applicants undertake the sampling with sufficient time to collect the samples and to send the kits to India before the birth date.Some women carrying multiple pregnancies may give birth early.

Please contact us if we can give you any further information on our services.

DNA QLD has completed testing for many happy surrogate families. Our Australian  clients provided the following testimonials:

“I would like to thank you and your hard working team, for the wonderful support, consistent emails, prompt reply’s and quick efficient turn around times your Lab has done for us. Being in another country and having 3 newborn daughters born at once has been a great fun and exciting time for us but starting the whole process to get them home can be quite a long and daunting task but with your Lab turning the samples around quickly has assisted us  with getting our 3 beautiful daughter home quickly and safely which is every new parents wish! Thank you.”


“Even though it’s the result we expected it’s a huge relief to have confirmation.  Thanks also for providing the results so quickly!”


“You have been a delight to deal with! Surrogacy is such a stressful process, and it is so nice to deal with someone who makes a part of it so easy and who understands the process!”


“We wanted to pass on our big thanks for all that you’ve done to expedite our DNA testing. In particular we greatly appreciate the work done over the public holiday. I can only imagine (from here in snowy Kiev) it being lovely and sunny that day in Queensland so to those who went ito work we appreciate your sacrifice. Everone has been super helpful and patiently dealt with our many calls. A pleasure to work with you an we’ll be sure to recommend your services to the upcoming couples also coming to Kiev for surrogacy after us.”